Catably is...

built out of a love for cats and desire to have a clean, complete community for the people who love them.  That's why Catably is completely ad-free and offers many ways to connect and interact with other cat lovers.

Catably is also ad-free to keep the user experience clean and without revenue from third-parties.

Catably is also a semi-open community because a safer, more close-knit community means better content and more user investment.

Why Join Catably?

Create Your Storefront

Do you have cat-related products or merchanidise?  Create an online store in the Catably marketplace while you interact with buyers!

  • Create your own shop and put up your own logo and identity

  • Add items and products to your shop with a click of a button

  • Customize what you add to your shop

  • Interact with other shops and stores

  • Have a complete dashboard showing all the information you need about your store and sales

Clean and Ad-Free

Are you sick of ads cluttering up your online experience?  Catably is completely ad-free.

No Banner Ads

No Selling Data

No popups

Geographic Directory

Looking for a business to rate and review, or simply need directions?  Catably has a Kittindex directory of cat related businesses, organizations, and services for you to review, rate, favorite, and even find directions.  Add your favorite locations with descriptions to expand the directory!

  • Add Events and Organizations to the directory at any time

  • If you are a business owner, take ownership of a directory listing for your organization

  • Review and Rate events and organizations

  • Get directions to an event or organization, or send it to a friend

Community Interaction

(Make Your Clowder 🙂

Catably is about cats and the people who love them.

  • Create and join groups of like-minded people or those you'd like to connect with

  • Ask and answer questions via Catably forums

  • Create blog posts with pictures--write about whatever you want.

  • Edit your posts, or post anonymously

  • Post up cats available for adoption in your area